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KTM has silently recalled the Duke 390 in India, without making any communication regarding the same. Team-BHP member SriramV.Iyer is among the first owners of the Duke 390 in Bangalore, whose bike was called in for fan assembly and rotor part replacement. The former has to do with the cooling fan while the latter is related to the disc brake of the bike. This product replacement exercise takes a couple of hours and is done free of charge. We have heard about multiple Duke 390 owners getting parts replaced by the dealer for issues of over-heating and bike not starting.

Large capacity motorcycles are known to heat, so the Duke 390’s over heating issue isn’t surprising. KTM-Bajaj also export the Duke 390 to other markets where over heating reports haven’t been reported yet. Europe being a colder continent with lesser traffic congestion might not highlight the Duke 390’s overheating nature. Since KTM has exported quite a lot of units of the Duke 390, a global recall will be a strenuous task for the Austrian firm. The bikes being manufactured are sure to feature the improved parts, which could have caused a delay in the delivery schedule.

Another worry of people who have booked their KTM Duke 390 is the lethargic delivery schedule. Dealers clearly mention that the bike will be delivered within 90 days of booking. However people who have booked later, have already got their bike by paying an extra Rs. 20-25,000/- through individual dealers. These non-authorised dealers are procuring bikes from official KTM dealerships by paying an extra amount which is delaying delivery to customers who have booked through the official channel. Hopefully Bajaj Auto looks into this matter and ensures the pocket-rocket is delivered to enthusiasts without any further delay.

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Via – Team-BHP