[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqMc1q_dEGc 540 375]

When Bajaj Auto launched the KTM Duke 200 in India, many were worried about the underbelly exhaust not being suitable for the rains. Many thought that water would seep in when the Duke 200 has to wade through water, thereby seeping inside the engine and causing damage. The rains are just around the corner and Duke owners are a worried bunch. Now no one would actually risk to take their bikes in the rains just to test what will happen in case of flooding. But a guy named Vijay has performed a series of tests on the KTM Duke 200 to give us a definitive answer. Vijay has performed the following tests in a place where water was filled till 16.5 inches (upto the knee).

1) Riding at 15 km/h through water
2) Idling the Duke 200 in water
3) Stopping and starting in water
4) Standing in water for 30 minutes

In all the above situations, the KTM Duke 200 came out triumphant without facing any issues. This gives testimony to the fact that KTM and Bajaj Auto have carefully designed the underbelly exhaust of the Duke 200 to be trouble free in the monsoons. However we see three Duke 200 motorcycles standing right behind in the video. Could this video be sponsored by Bajaj? We would still urge you to be careful with riding your bike through water in the rains as the long term impacts of such things are still unknown.