2014 KTM Duke 390

You read it first on MotorBeam. The KTM Duke 390 needs no introduction. The bike has just started a revolution in the Indian motorcycle industry. The single-cylinder machine is a hoot to ride and is sheer value too. The Duke 390 is fast, light and beautifully balanced. How in the world can you make it faster you may think. KTM has the answer to it. The Duke 390 is getting a new version soon. The Duke 390 R is what it’s going to be called. Usually the R tag is reserved for KTM bikes which are even lighter, more powerful and a bit more track focused than the stock version.

Based on the Duke 390, the Duke 390 R is going to be lighter by a few kgs (as if it’s not overly light already). The engine may produce slightly more power and the gearing and sprocketing could be altered for more responsiveness. The Duke 390 R will come with the same hardware when it comes to the suspension but with slight tweaks. The superior Metzeler tyres will stay for superb grip and confidence evoking riding dynamics.

Aesthetically the headlights and certain parts such as side panels, rear tail piece and headlight will be different and this is where the part of lightness will be achieved. You may think the motorcycle is already a hooligan, does it really need this? We think this is KTM’s way of showing tenderness towards the enthusiast and biking culture. Mind you, this way isn’t new for KTM either! We saw the Duke 690 getting this treatment couple of years ago.

The KTM Duke 390 R will be produced at the Chakan facility of Bajaj Auto and like other Dukes, it will be exported from here to Europe. The question is that will Bajaj make it available for the Indian enthusiasts as well. If yes, we assume limited numbers will be allotted for the first time. Options, options and options is what we Indian enthusiast are getting. We hope it continues this way for the rest of time and the biking scenario and sentiments towards it go forward in the right direction.

Duke 390 Black Colour