Lamborghini New Logo

New Lamborghini logo looks sleeker

Automobili Lamborghini, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, has recently unveiled a refreshed logo after more than two decades. The decision to update the iconic emblem is driven by a new strategic direction aimed at aligning the brand’s visual identity with its core values of ‘bravery’, ‘unexpectedness’ and ‘authenticity’. This initiative is part of a broader transformation strategy known as Direzione Cor Tauri, which emphasises sustainability and decarbonisation as key pillars for the company’s future trajectory.

The revamped logo features a broader Lamborghini typeface compared to its predecessor, accompanied by minimal yet bold colours. Black and white remain the primary hues, symbolising the brand’s clear identity, while yellow and gold serve as accent colours, adding vibrancy and distinction. Notably, the iconic bull emblem, synonymous with Lamborghini, has undergone a significant transformation. It now stands independently on digital platforms, separated from the traditional shield, enhancing its visibility and impact.

Beyond the logo, Automobili Lamborghini has introduced an official typeface inspired by the distinctive design elements of its cars, reflecting the company’s style and ethos. Additionally, a new set of icons, developed in collaboration with Lamborghini Centro Stile, will be uniformly integrated across digital touchpoints, ensuring consistency and coherence in brand representation.

This strategic evolution comes at a time of rapid change, as Automobili Lamborghini looks to the future with a renewed focus on innovation and determination. The redesigned logo not only marks a visual update but also signifies a broader shift in the company’s positioning, aligning with the goals outlined in the Direzione Cor Tauri program.

By embracing these changes, Lamborghini aims to inspire future generations while staying true to its legacy of pushing boundaries and defying conventions. The refreshed logo serves as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to progress and sustainability, signalling a new chapter in its storied history.

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Lamborghini Old Vs New Logo