Land Rover has issued a recall for 65,844 SUVs that have safety hazard issues with defective door latches and faulty sunroofs.

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65,352 units of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are affected

How would you react if you were driving your powerful Land Rover on a highway and the doors suddenly flung open? Or how would you feel if the sunroof completely detached and flew off? Would you fancy such type of an open air experience? Well these are the types of occurrences that can happen if you own a recent Land Rover. The automaker has issued a recall for 65,844 cars that are said to have defective door latches and faulty sunroofs. This recall was issued after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked the car company to do it.

Due to the faulty door latches, there is a possibility of the vehicles’ doors flying open at high speeds. This is downright dangerous and a major safety hazard. This problem has affected 65,352 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models of MY13 to MY16 make in the States. The defective sunroof also has a similar problem wherein it can fly open when the vehicle is travelling at a considerable speed. This issue has affected 492 units of the Land Rover LR4. The cause of the sunroof problem can either be traced right to the original supplier or it may have been occurring due to the bonding agent used to glue the sunroof to the body. The recall will definitely extend to other parts of the world including India as all Range Rovers in the said period where manufactured in the UK.

The number of recalls that are happening these days is scary. Almost every major manufacturer has issued at least a couple of major recalls in the past few years. It is good when countries have very strict laws and companies are forced to rectify the problems at the earliest but it is even better when the companies themselves own up to the issues and issue a voluntary recall. In countries like ours where such laws are non-existent, many car companies are having a gala time by calling recalls as service campaigns.

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The LR4 that are affected are of MY12 and MY13 make