The much awaited local assembly of the Land Rover Freelander will commenceon the 27th of this month. The company will use Tata Motors’ Pune plant that was earlier utilised by Mercedes-Benz. Later on, Land Rover plans to assemble the Discovery 4 or the new Evoque in the same facility. The third product to get local assembly from this plant would be the Jaguar XF. With 75 Jaguars sold last month in India, the company is looking at increasing its sales to cash in on the booming luxury car market.

Tata Motors also plans to increase the number of dealers of JLR to atleast 20 in the near future. This will certainly increase demand as more people would find themselves a dealer to buy JLR vehicles. The biggest Indian car manufacturer also plans to share platform of the Freelander with their own vehicles in the future, eliminating the expense of developing one from scratch.

Source – ACI