Landmark Jeep showroom staff in Delhi caught on tape beating up a customer.

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Employees of Landmark Jeep showroom in Delhi have been caught on a tape allegedly beating up a customer. A video of the same has gone viral on social media and Jeep is currently investigating the sequence of events and assures appropriate action will be taken once they are done investigating.

A customer had purchased a Jeep Compass which eventually developed issues due to a manufacturing defect and was first sent to Gurgaon for rectification. The car returned to the dealership without the issues being resolved. The owner of the car was then promised that the work would be done and the car would be returned to him in a span of 10-15 days.

The dispute started when the owner saw the car lying in the showroom unattended and hence got furious and started abusing the showroom staff using foul language. The showroom staff, in turn, got violent and as the video reveals, ganged up and attacked the customer. It isn’t still clear who is at fault but a customer paying Rs. 18-22 lakhs for a car isn’t bound to get such a bad service.

The Landmark Group has also issued a statement explaining their side of the story and according to the statement, the incident had occurred on 29th September 2017. The customer had used foul language during his discussion with the showroom staff and threatened the staff including the female front-desk manager. The more the officials tried to calm down the customer, the more aggressive he got and continued using foul language. The staff then contacted the local police who visited the showroom and heard from both the parties. The customer along with four staff members from the dealership visited the police station where the whole matter was settled and closed after receiving an apology from the customer.

Landmark Jeep Showroom

– Jeep showroom staff beat up a customer
– The video of the incident has gone viral on social media
– A customer had purchased a Jeep Compass which had manufacturing defects
– The staff at the showroom had failed to address the issue

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Note By Landmark Showroom
The note released by Landmark Group