REVA NXR Auto Expo

The launch of the highly anticipated Mahindra Reva e2o has been delayed. It was originally expected last year, but due to lack of Government policies pertaining to electric vehicles and delay in release of the Electric Mobility Mission Plan resulted in this delay of the launch of the Reva e2o. But now the plan has been released yesterday in New Delhi which specifies the Government policies for electric vehicles and related infrastructure which will now enable car companies to launch electric and hybrid vehicles.

The National Mission for Electric Mobility states the basic objectives and targets of the plan to help set up a better condusive environment to facilitate launch of affordable electric cars as well as infrastructure to facilitate better usage of the cars and reduce overall emissions and pollution. The main objectives stated by the plan are national energy security, mitigation of adverse effects of vehicles on the environment and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. The Government will ensure a positive joint-venture with the automotive industry to maximize usage of efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.

The targets set by the Government are sales of 6 to 7 million units of electric vehicles by 2020 which would in turn result in savings of almost 2.2 million to 2.5 million tones of liquid fuels and a reduction in carbon emissions by 1.5 percent. Along with private users, the Government will also try and maximize usage of electric and alternative fuel technology for public transport which is a sector where a huge amount of fuel is required.

The Government will have to spend close to Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 14,000 crores by 2020, to give subsidy on electric vehicles, to set up infrastructure for charging facilities, facilitate R and D as well as to help set up a chain of local manufacturers and component suppliers for the newer technology. But at the same time the amount of savings due to lesser imports of fuel will surpass the investment for facilitating electric vehicles resulting in a very positive investment for a cleaner and pollution free future.

2012 Reva NXR Side