The Bajaj Qute will be exported to European markets and the company expects to export around 10,000 units this fiscal year. The company has launched a campaign to free the Bajaj Qute.

Bajaj RE60 Production Version
The Bajaj Qute is a revolutionary 4-wheeler for last mile transport

There are always different ways of looking at things, do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? Looks like we in India do the latter. Case in point is the Bajaj Qute which is a 4-wheeler, better known as a quadricycle. Unveiled some time back, it is still not on sale in India even though the Pulsar maker has commenced exports to developed countries. So what is stopping the Qute?

Rival companies are trying their best to stop the start of sales of the Bajaj Qute, buying time to make a competitive product. The reason why rival companies are feeling the heat is simple, the Qute is better than their offerings and crucially, safer too; although, the Qute isn’t a car, it’s a potential replacement for bigger taxis.

How is the Bajaj Qute safe? Firstly it has 4-wheels along with doors (having latches), windows and a hard roof, making it much safer for both driver and occupants. The Qute is underpinned by a monocoque chassis and uses high strength steel for enhanced structural integrity. It also gets safety belts and powerful brakes, the top speed being restricted to 70 km/hr as a further safety measure. Second and most importantly, the Bajaj Qute is a green vehicle as it has a light weight of just 450 kgs (37% less than the lightest car in the country) and is frugal enough to return 36 km/l of mileage.

The high efficiency of the Bajaj Qute comes courtesy of the 216.6cc, single-cylinder, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine that produces 13.2 PS of power. It’s also available in CNG and LPG variants which not only make it light on the pocket to run but also green for the environment. Furthermore, the CO2 emissions are the lowest of any 4-wheeler at just 66 g/km. The Bajaj Qute is made in India and addresses the need of urban commute in our country.

Indian roads are getting very crowded, there is too much traffic and the infrastructure can’t handle the number of people and vehicles on our roads. We need smaller vehicles for the city which are more efficient and easy to manoeuvre but not at the cost of safety. The Bajaj Qute is one such offering which can solve our traffic woes as it has a compact footprint which makes it easy to manoeuvre in the city (with a turning radius of just 3.5-metres) and park in the most crowded of places if need be. We really need this 4-wheeler to go on sale in our country. Let’s free the Qute by showing our support for this versatile little vehicle HERE.

2014 Bajaj RE60 Interiors
10,000 units of the Bajaj Qute will be exported this fiscal