The list for luxury car sales of 2016 sees the German three-pointed star leading the market with its entry level sedan, the C-Class. Audi is hot on its German rival’s tail, while BMW seems to be lagging behind when it comes to sheer volumes.

Luxury Car Sales June 2016
Mercedes’ C-Class tops the Audi A4 by a small margin

The luxury car market does not really play the volume game which is seen in the lower segments. However, while their volumes might be minuscule in comparison to the mass market segment, there is fierce age old rivalry that brews in here. The omni-existent Mercedes-Audi-BMW rivalry is well known worldwide, and the brands don’t shy away from taking digs at each other by way of some really clever pieces of advertising. However, when it comes to sales, at least in India, the three pointed star seems to have the market well accounted for, as it tops both, the OEM and the product sales list of June 2016.

The C-Class leads the segment for Mercedes with 432 units sold in the month of June, which is quite respectable in its segment. Following the Merc, is Audi’s answer to the C-Class, the A4, which is not far behind at 399 units sold for the month. Coming in third we have another Mercedes, the E-Class which sold 390 units. Mercedes’ success in India can be contributed to the brand’s existing goodwill in our nation. The three-pointed star has always been a sign of automotive excellence in India.

Audi and BMW have also established a good presence from the time they arrived in India. BMW as always played the performance game, while Audi had its Iron man bling factor. Volvo still remains as a niche brand in India, in spite of its completely different global image. Meanwhile, Porsche doesn’t really bother with volumes, and the recent booking launch of the 718 series will help the company shift some additional units in our market. We know Jaguar Land Rover is missing from the list. However, sale figures were unavailable for the company’s products.

Luxury Car Sales For June 2016

– Mercedes tops the charts in the luxury car sales
– While the German trio maintain their dominance, BMW seem to be falling slightly behind
– BMW seems to be losing out due to their weak presence in the SUV market
– Porsche may see a bump in sales after opening bookings for its 718 series
– Sales figures for Jaguar Land Rover were unavailable

Luxury Car OEM Sales June 2016
BMW seems to be falling behind in the fierce German rivalry

Update – The above numbers aren’t accurate as confirmed by a manufacturer.