Ford is the only manufacturer to post a negligible growth in FY19 in comparison to the previous financial year.

FY19 Least Selling Car Companies
Renault has suffered a heavy sales decline from FY18 to FY19

With new car companies making their way to India, there are other global manufacturers who are having a tough time in India selling vehicles. Manufacturers with a presence of over a decade in the Indian market too are seeing a maximum decline in sales. The data for FY19 least selling car companies shows the current state of the car manufacturers in the Indian market.

Out of all the manufacturers making and selling their vehicles in India, some of them sold than less than one lakh units in the entire FY18-19. Ford and Renault are the only companies out of these to have a market share of over 2 percent in FY19.

FCA’s Fiat brand saw the highest downfall of 57.09 percent in sales. Fiat as a manufacturer is also on its way to end India operations as the company has neither upgraded the vehicles to meet any norms nor has produced a vehicle since February. FCA is currently focused on strengthening the Jeep brand in India. However, the Jeep Compass sales declined to 16,079 units in FY19 compared to 19,358 units in FY18.

Volkswagen reported a decline of 23.09 percent at 34,359 units in FY18-19. On the other hand, Skoda has witnessed a 4.98 percent dip in sales at 16,521 units in FY19 compared to 17,387 units in FY18.

Coming to the Japanese manufacturer Nissan, the company sold 36,525 units in FY19 coming down from 52,796 units in FY18 with a total dip of 30.81 percent with the brand constantly trying to revive its sales in India with the introduction of brands like Datsun. French manufacturer Renault has also reported a sales decline of 22.07 percent in FY19 at 79,654 units. This is less than the 1,02,222 units the company sold in the previous FY18.

Ford sold 92,937 units in India in FY19 which is up from the 90,601 units the manufacturer sold in FY18. This gives Ford a growth of mere 2.57 percent. The Ford EcoSport was the model to garner maximum sales in the last fiscal, coming to about 46,265 units.

Least Selling Car Companies

– Ford is the only company to get a single digit growth in FY19
– Fiat sales have come to an all-time low with the company now halting production for Fiat branded cars
– Nissan saw a dip in sales by 30.81 percent in FY19

Ford EcoSport Pros & Cons
Ford sold 46,265 units of the EcoSport in FY19