Luxury cars sold at discounts of upto 60 percent to celebrities, as these celebrities seldom pay the sticker price.

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The trade-off is that the celebrity will indirectly market the car via social media

Celebrities buying luxury cars very rarely pay the sticker price of that respective luxury car. Not aware of other countries but in India, if one is a genuine celebrity, say a Bollywood star, a famous Cricket player, etc., discounts are offered at 30 percent, 40 percent or even 60 percent sometimes depending on the stature and saleability of the celebrity on luxury cars purchases made by them.

A 20 percent discount is given to junior cricketers and soap stars while a Bollywood star or a big sportsperson usually get a 50-60 percent off on the price. So how does it work out then for the luxury car manufacturer?

The usual trade-off here is the celebrity will tweet or post Instagram pictures of himself/herself with the car and thereby act as an unofficial brand ambassador of that luxury car. Some other luxury carmakers exchange a car for the celebrities’ appearances (at events, social media gatherings) over a period of time. The celebrity commits to tweets, Instagram feeds, Facebook updates, appearances, etc. in lieu of payment for the car.

By doing this, the luxury carmaker gets the product showcased automatically to the target audience. Usually, the handing over of the car is turned into an event where the media too is invited to get the necessary attention on the car and brand, thus indirectly promoting the car and the brand. We have seen this happen way too many times with Audi as they use Bollywood and Cricket frequently to sell its cars.

The other way is the celebrity is offered a car of his/her choice as a test drive vehicle for 2-3 months, at the end of that period if the celebrity likes the car, it is sold as a second-hand vehicle at lower rates.

Nonetheless, all the above ways are documented between the carmaker and the celebrity. On the flipside, the longer term relationship between a carmaker and the celebrity is when the former engages the latter as a brand ambassador, for instance, Shah Rukh Khan for Hyundai and Sachin Tendulkar for BMW.

Luxury Cars Sold At Discounts

– Celebrities buying luxury vehicles seldom pay the sticker price
– Celebrities usually get a discount of upto 60 percent on the model of their preference
– Sometimes a celebrity may directly connect with the car company and get the best deal on the model of his/her choice

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Luxury cars are offered with upto 60 percent discounts for bigger celebrities

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