Mahindra Ford alliance to strengthen the latter’s commitment to India and the former’s presence in other emerging markets.

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Ford is one of the largest car exporters of India

Mahindra and Ford have agreed to explore a strategic alliance that is designed to leverage the benefits of Ford’s global reach and expertise and Mahindra’s reach in India and successful operating model. The rapid rise of new technologies, sustainability policies and new models of urban shared mobility have compelled Mahindra and Ford to form this alliance.

The agreement between the two automakers will allow each of them to use their mutual strengths for up to a period of 3 years. Any further strategic co-operation between the two companies will be decided at the end of that period. The areas of possible co-operation include:

* Connected vehicle projects
* Electrification
* Mobility programs
* Improving Ford’s network within India
* Improving Mahindra’s network outside India
* Product development
* Sourcing and commercial efficiencies

This alliance will help Ford to deliver the best vehicles and services to its customers and also make use of Mahindra’s expertise in utility as well as electric vehicles. Mahindra is the only player with a portfolio of electric vehicles commercially available in India. Mahindra, with this alliance, will look at increasing its global footprint, especially in emerging markets.

Mahindra Ford Alliance

– Mahindra and Ford have announced a strategic alliance
– Both automakers will collaborate and work for 3 years
– Ford will look at increasing its reach in India
– Mahindra will focus on global markets, especially other emerging markets

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Mahindra has been leading the utility vehicles segment in India for the past 7 decades