Mahindra is planing to launch the next generation of Reva cars in India. The company will first launch the Reva NXR (spied last year undergoing tests in Bangalore), which is an electric vehicle having a range of 160 kms on a single charge. The Reva NXR is a 2-door hatchback with room for four adults. The Reva NXR reaches a top speed of 104 kmph and also displays the time to full change. It also pre-heats or pre-cools the car, mails you a report on your driving habits or even unlocks the door as you approach. It also features a technology that addresses range anxiety – REVive, a remotely activated reserve charge will get you going, even when you’ve seemingly out of charge. The Reva NXR will be priced around Rs. 10 lakhs and will launched by the end of this financial year.