Yamaha FZ16 Get Featured

Remember Joel? The tuner who has to his credit the development of the fastest Yamaha R15 in the country. Well he is back, this time with modifications for the Yamaha FZ series and Fazer. Sure, there is the Daytona kits available for Yamaha machines, but they don’t come cheap. So what has Joel got? For starters, there is a tuned freeflow exhaust. This is said to boost power across the complete revv range, while at the same time boosting fuel efficiency. The freeflow comes with DB killer to cut decibel levels. Then there is the bigbore kit to 180cc, which improves power massively at the same time improving mileage and ensuring reliability. Last but not the least is the Racing carb, which enhances fueling needs of the modified engine. This being offered based on the engine tune required.