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Mahindra has announced a preventive recall for their popular SUV, the XUV500. The company states that a particular batch of XUV500’s produced during the 2011 – 2012 time frame have been affected. Mahindra themselves will contact the customers who own the XUV500 from the affected batch. This recall will be completely free of cost for the customers and they can avail the preventive recall at their dealership. This recall can be seen as a sign of Mahindra’s attempts of increasing customer satisfaction.

The affected batch of Mahindra XUV500 has three faulty components. They are the fluid hose, the front power window units and the left wiper blade cover. Mahindra will replace all these three parts free of cost for customers that have bought cars from this affected batch. Mahindra will themselves call each customer, fix an appointment for the vehicle and get the work done. The company has made these parts more robust and changed the design to function properly and reliably.

This is the first time Mahindra has announced a recall for any of their products. This is definitely a very good sign that the Indian SUV manufacturer has intentions of keeping customers satisfied about their service as well as their cars. The XUV500 has had a fair share of problems and Mahindra has fixed quite a few of them successfully with brakes and few electronic features being the latest ones. Mahindra will definitely gain a lot of confidence of the customers by accepting problems and organizing such a recall.

We are quite baffled to see faults of such nature on the XUV500, considering Mahindra had extensively tested the vehicle prior to launch. Remember when the W201 was all over the internet, with spy shots of the vehicle coming from all corners of the country. Mahindra has sold more than 40,000 units of the XUV till date and this recall should have happened at an earlier date. Such issues with the XUV500 has resulted in many units being available in the used car market, even though there is a slight waiting period for the vehicle.

Mahindra sold 3472 units of the XUV500 last month. Sales of the XUV have been affected post the launch of the Renault Duster. We expect the XUV500’s demand to take a further hit once the Ford EcoSport is launched in India. Mahindra is exporting the XUV500 to quite a few markets, including South Africa, Chile, Italy and Australia.

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