Mahindra Scorpio EX

Mahindra has announced a recall of 900 units of its most popular vehicle, the Scoprio. The recall affects only the EX variant of the SUV, manufactured between October and November, 2013. The recall is being done due to a faulty pressure regulating valve and is a preventive measure by the company. Mahindra dealers will carry out the part replacement immediately and naturally free of cost. Dealers will get in touch with people whose Scorpios are likely to be affected by this recall.

Recalls weren’t as popular in India as much as they are now. The reason for so many cars being recalled can be attributed to several reasons. Companies are trying to localise components as much as possible and at times they also end up compromising on quality. The recent voluntary vehicle recall code has made many automobile manufacturers step forward to announce recalls. This is a commendable move by manufacturers as it boosts the image of the company for being customer centric.

This is not the first time Mahindra has recalled any vehicle. Just a few months back, Mahindra had recalled close to 30,000 units of its flagship XUV500 to replace multiple parts including left wiper blade, fluid hose and front power window unit. Although vehicle recall is currently voluntary, the Indian Government is looking at making it mandatory and is drafting a recall policy for the same which is likely to be implemented by mid-2014. This recall policy will levy hefty penalties for manufacturing defects.