Mahindra Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid launched at a price of Rs. 12.84 lakhs (ex-showroom, Navi Mumbai) for the top-of-the-line S10 2WD variant. The SUV will feature a mild hybrid system which will assist the main diesel motor.

2015 Mahindra Scorpio Review
The Intelli-Hybrid will be available only with the 2.2-litre engine of the car

After reports of the new Mahindra Scorpio hybrid emerged recently, the automaker has gone on and launched the hybrid SUV for a price of Rs. 12.84 lakhs (ex-showroom, Navi Mumbai) for its top 2WD variant. The Scorpio thus becomes the first Indian SUV which features a motor assist.

The Mahindra Scorpio will have its diesel motor assisted by an electric one, which will provide mild assists as and when required. While the power won’t go up by a significant amount, the assist has been provided with the purpose of decreasing fuel consumption. The vehicle also features an engine stop start function which automatically shuts off the engine when the car comes to a halt, and subsequently starts it when you set off, and a Brake Energy Regeneration system which will charge the battery using the forces created during braking.

The Intelli-Hybrid system will be offered with the 2.2-litre mHawk engine of the Scorpio across the S4, S4+, S4+, 4wd, S6+, S8, S10 2WD (Manual), and the S10 4WD (Manual) variants. We may see introduction of the technology in the Delhi NCR spec models (powered by 1.99-litre engine) in the coming months. The technology will reportedly increase the SUV’s fuel economy figures by about 7%. If the technology sees success, we may also see it being implemented to Mahindra’s other range of SUVs.

Mahindra Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid Launched

– Mahindra has just launched its Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid in our market
– The top S10 2WD variant has been priced at Rs. 12.84 lakhs
– The technology will be available with the 2.2-litre engine of the Scorpio

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The technology might come to the 1.99-litre Delhi NCR variants soon