Renault to launch MUV based on its highly successful CMF-A platform. The new MUV will build on the success of the Renault Kwid, which shares the same platform.

2015 Renault Kwid Test Drive Review
The MUV will share the same platform as the Renault Kwid

The jointly developed CMF-A platform by Renault-Nissan has proven to be a huge success for the company. CMF, or Common Module Family platform is known for its versatility, and was first seen in the Renault Kwid. The Kwid has become a huge success for the company, and will provide a massive boost for its future endeavours. Renault claims that the platform is capable of making five-seven different car body types. This has led the company to plan out a number of new products based on this platform.

We already know of the company’s plan to launch five new models in our market over the next five years. One of those will be an MUV, based on the same CMF-A ground works. The MUV will resemble a van, and will go against the ageing Maruti Omni, and the Eeco people carrier. This also points towards a competitive price tag.

The product is currently under development and can be expected to be launched by 2018. As far as styling is concerned, we might get to see some design elements like the SUV like styling borrowed from the Kwid. The similarities may go even deeper, as the MUV, due to its larger size and weight, might get the upcoming 1.0-litre engine for the Kwid under its hood.

Renault already has an MPV, albeit in a higher segment, called the Lodgy. However, the Lodgy has been unable to capture the masses due to its somewhat bland looks and fierce competition from the likes of the Maruti Ertiga. The smaller CMF based MUV might prove to be a success, as the Eeco and the Omni have been showing their age lately. But, going against Maruti is never easy in our market as the car giant has the largest network and enjoys huge amounts of goodwill nationwide.

Renault MUV On CMF-A Platform

– Renault have been working on a flurry of launches over the next three years in India
– One out of the five launches, will be a MUV that will rival the Maruti Eeco and Omni
– The MUV will be based on the company’s successful CMF-A platform
– Launch is expected by 2018

Maruti Eeco Mileage
The MUV will go against the Maruti Eeco and Omni which are long due for an update

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