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The ride is bouncy and there is a lot of body roll too

Driving Dynamics – The height of the suspension has been increased by 1.5-inches and that coupled with the big tyres means that ride quality is far from comfortable. It is very bouncy and the stiffness can also be felt at higher speeds. However, the suspension feels very robust and can take up a lot of abuse. The steering isn’t exactly light and there is quite a lot of effort required to turn around the car, with the large turning radius not helping matters either. The steering gives very good feedback though. Talking about the brakes, they have sufficient stopping power at low to medium speeds but stomp on them at anything above 60 km/hr and you’ll never drive the Daybreak fast again because the braking distance is too long. The Maxxis tyres are super grippy off the road and they are again very durable.

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The Daybreak makes sense only if you want the additional novelty on the Thar

Verdict – The Mahindra Thar Daybreak is a unique vehicle which grabs insane levels of attention everywhere. Mahindra has made some really significant changes to the Thar but we would have loved some mechanical changes too, a bump in the power and torque figures would be a welcome addition. The Daybreak is a very good off-roader and makes total sense for someone who wants an exclusive car but if you’re looking for a mix of on-road and off-road usage, we would ask you to buy the regular Thar because the Daybreak costs almost Rs. 20 lakhs. With a regular Thar, you save lots of monies and you can use some of that to jazz it up according to your tastes.

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Buying a regular Thar and modifying it is also a good option

What’s Cool

* Absolute attention grabber
* Sparco racing seats are very comfortable
* Off-road performance is excellent

What’s Not So Cool

* Very costly modifications
* On-road characteristics are better in the regular Thar

Alternatives: None

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The Mahindra Thar Daybreak doesn’t really have any competition

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