Mahindra, with the help of the Italian designer, plans to launch a Pininfarina based electric supercar to rival Tesla in the top-end electric car segment. Pininfarina, will also work in tandem with Mahindra for the company’s products.

Pininfarina Design Studio Ferrari 458
The Italian studio designed the Ferrari 458 supercar

Mahindra’s recent amelioration in various fronts have catapulted its status in the Indian automobile scene. The company has a lineup of promising ideas and prospects for the near future. The IT Division of Mahindra acquired Pininfarina last year, an Italian design studio company. The Italian designer last worked on the H2 Speed hydrogen-fuelled concept car for Swiss company Green GT.

The designer has already worked on the interiors of the parent company’s SUVs. Their latest plan is to launch a Pininfarina based supercar to rival the likes of Tesla in the electric top-end market. Pininfarina will now design interiors exclusively for its acquirers, rather than doing it for its clients. Mahindra has a lot of faith in the designers’ and the new concept could really help the parent company assert its dominance in the electric market.

The company has also recently released the e2o electric car in the United Kingdom. Mahindra, in its quest for domain expansion, has been controlling South Korean SUV maker SsangYong since 2011. The partnership has been mutually beneficial and has helped Mahindra expand its range of vehicles. SsangYong is presently producing close to 1,50,000 cars each year and hopes to raise it to 2,50-3,00,000 vehicles within the next five years.

It is reported that a lot of technical convergence can be seen with the two companies in the future. This includes sharing the engine, transaxle and thus, a common platform. We can expect a common platform within 14-15 months and a newer platform one year after that, for the affiliation. The duo also plans to create a huge impact on the Western Europe and UK market, focusing on SUVs by and large.

Pininfarina Electric Supercar

– Mahindra acquired the Italian designer studio last year
– They are currently developing a Pininfarina electric supercar to rival Tesla
– The company also owns South Korean SUV maker, SsangYong since 2011
– The partnership is reportedly planning to share a lot of technicalities under a common platform
– They have set sights on increasing sales value and plan to dominate the European market

2016 SsangYong Tivoli XLV Front
Mahindra owned Ssangyong plans to dominate European markets with its SUVs