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A much improved Mahindra XUV500 is expected to be launched by last week of February. There will be no changes on the exterior but only under the skin. Owners of this highly successful SUV have complained ever since its launch about many niggling issues and problems and Mahindra has responded with a few improvements. But now it is expected that this upgrade coming by February will solve almost all the remaining issues that plague the car and the XUV500 should become completely a niggle free SUV.

The first issue to be addressed would be the braking system which was a major concern to owners. Initially the brakes were quite noisy and Mahindra tried to improve the system, but the brakes then ended up having quite a spongy feel. Mahindra will now upgrade the brakes with a braking ‘package’ and possible eliminate the problems faced by customers. Hopefully the brakes will now be very effective with a smooth operation and good feel as well.

Another problem to be fixed by Mahindra is the Infotainment system in the W8 variant which has been a constant trouble maker in almost all the cars. The wide range of different technology available on the system seemed to fail or malfunction, like the Bluetooth system, Navigation system, the parking sensors or the reversing camera. The new upgraded system in the 2013 version will hopefully have none of these problems and will function flawlessly. Mahindra may introduce a new ‘Voice Command’ system from the Xylo E9 in the XUV500 W8.

The XUV500 AWD version had another issue with the transmission overheating and lot of vibrations. It is expected that Mahindra will sort out this issue with the new model. So with a huge task ahead of them, Mahindra has a lot to sort out in the XUV500. But with the dedication shown by the Indian manufacturer, we can hope that this latest version of the XUV500 should be a very reliable and niggle free vehicle.

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