Mahindra USA recently announced its new sponsorship in the NASCAR® Nationwide® Series with R3 Motorsports, which is participating with a #23 Mahindra Tractors Chevrolet. The car will be driven by Robert Richardson Jr. Mahindra USA, Inc. announced a 17 race primary and 18-race associate sponsorship for the 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series.


R3 Motorsports website says the following about Mahindra Tractors : –

Mahindra USA Tractors, makers of some of the world’s most rugged and reliable compact tractors, utility tractors and full-size tractors. Since 1963, we’ve been building heavy-duty farm tractors and farm equipment that outperforms the competition, combining a quality-built tractor with the biggest bang for your buck. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a superior performing tractor and unparalleled owner support, from the Dealer level – to Mahindra Corporate offices. Mahindra Tractors corporate offices are located in Tomball, Texas.

With this sponsorship, Mahindra will be the first Indian company to sponsor a car in NASCAR. This is Mahindra’s second year as a NASCAR racing team sponsor. Last year, Mahindra was a sponsor of the McDonald Motorsports team which runs the #81 car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.


According to a press release issued by M&M, the company’s participation in NASCAR reflects not only on tractors but on the Mahindra brand as a whole. While speed is not an important attribute of tractors, NASCAR embraces other values such as endurance, courage, power, operating skill, strength and sportsmanship that can apply to both tractors and the brand.