The segment leaders remain unchanged compared to last month but a huge fall in numbers.

Compact Sedan Sales March 2020

Although sedans are not that popular in the Indian market, the mass market compact sedans and C-segment cars churn out big volumes. This time around the sales have crashed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The compact sedan segment has a consistent leader, the Maruti Dzire which comes on top with a huge margin at 5476 units but it has seen 73 percent fall in YoY sales. The Honda Amaze comes in second with 2744 units showing 63 percent fall in sales.

The Hyundai Aura/Xcent is the only car in its segment showing positive growth of 46 percent with 2615 units. The Ford Aspire sales have fallen down to 431 units with 66 percent negative growth. The Tata Tigor does only 124 unit sales last month with a huge 90 percent fall in numbers. The Ameo has been discontinued, hence only 3 units sold with 100 percent fall. Tata Zest scores 0 as it has been discontinued.

C Segment Sales March 2020

Coming to the C-segment sales, the Ciaz still leads the pack but the numbers have fallen considerably down. It scores 1863 units with 49 percent fall in YoY sales. The Hyundai Verna does a shocking 3-digit sales of 893 units with 72 percent fall. Honda City does 786 units last month with 77 percent negative growth.

Toyota Yaris is one of the few cars here with 25 percent growth at 424 units. The Rapid does 180 units last month with 75 percent fall in numbers. The Nissan Sunny saw 87 units with 38 percent growth. VW Vento saw 96 percent fall with 19 dispatches.

D Segment Sales March 2020

The D-segment space is limited to 2-digit sales in March 2020. The Skoda Octavia holds the top position with 89 units and 66 percent fall in numbers. The Honda Civic sales fall by 97 percent doing 67 units. Hyundai Elantra comes third with 28 units and 67 percent fall in sales. The Toyota Corolla has been completely discontinued.

D+ Segment Sales March 2020

Surprisingly the more expensive Skoda Superb has sold more than Octavia last month doing 123 units but still 21 percent fall in numbers. The Toyota Camry does 60 units with 3 percent fall. No VW Passat and Honda Accord sold in March 2020.

The D+ segment seems to get extinct and in the near future we might just see the Superb facelift in the sales chart.

March 2020 Sedan Sales

– Maruti leads in the compact and C-segment sales
– Skoda leading in the D and D+ segment sales
– Big fall in sales compared to last year

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