After showcasing the Swift Hybrid Range Extender at the International Green Mobility Expo, Maruti has now started testing the vehicle in India.

Maruti Swift Hybrid Range Extender Testing
This picture shows the Swift hybrid entering Maruti’s Gurgaon plant

The Maruti Swift is a very popular hatchback not only in India, but also across various other markets around the globe. The Swift has had immense success in India thanks to the fact that it was the first ‘large’ hatchback to be launched here, way back in 2005. Over the entire decade, the hatchback continued its success streak but now it seems that Maruti Suzuki is experimenting with more technologies on the Swift. The company showcased a Swift Hybrid Range Extender Concept at the International Green Mobility Expo few months back.

The Maruti Swift Hybrid Range Extender has been spotted in Gurgaon, plying near the company’s manufacturing plant as part of FAME India Eco Drive 2015 which was held on World Environment Day. The exteriors are just similar to the regular Swift but the hybrid version gets a light green coloured roof and some decals on the body. Talking about mechanicals, the vehicle comes with a 658cc, three-cylinder petrol engine giving out 73 BHP of power. The engine is matched to an electric motor. The vehicle gets a pure-electric mode too, in which the range is claimed to be 25.5 kms. The Swift Hybrid Range Extender also gives out an amazing fuel efficiency of 48.2 km/l.

The regular Swift ZXi weighs 965 kgs but the hybrid version is far more heavier at 1600 kgs. Maruti must have made some tweaks to the suspension of the hatchback to handle the additional weight properly. It is not clear whether the automaker will launch this model in India or not, but if they do, then it’ll be the cheapest hybrid on sale in India. With no significant subsidies available from the government and the higher cost of hybrids, we feel that the launch of the Swift Hybrid Range Extender is still far away.

Maruti Swift Hybrid Range Extender
The Swift hybrid comes with a 658cc, 3-cyl petrol engine with an electric motor
Maruti Swift Hybrid Range Extender Rear
The vehicle gives out a mileage of 48.2 km/l

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