Maruti has its Ignis launch delayed due to a considerable backlog of orders for their Baleno and Vitara Brezza models. The launch has now been moved from the festive season to early next year.

Suzuki Ignis Production Model
The Ignis was scheduled to launch this festive season, and would’ve competed against the Mahindra KUV100

The Maruti Ignis was all set to debut in the upcoming festive season. While most of us were eagerly looking forward to it, Maruti Suzuki has delayed the Ignis’ launch to 2017, citing difficulties to meet production demands. The company has stated that it will be concentrating on bringing down the long waiting list for the Baleno and Vitara Brezza before introducing any more products in its portfolio.

While we are disheartened at this news, the move is understandable, as the Maruti Ignis would have put additional pressure on the existing resources of the company. In spite of being the largest car manufacturer in India, Maruti is unable to meet to growing public demand for its vehicles. The Baleno and Vitara Brezza already have a backlog of almost 1 lakh outstanding orders. Introducing a new model in such situations, that too during the festive season boom, would cause the backlog to grow exponentially, which might even put off some customers.

The launch of the Maruti Baleno RS (also expected during the festive season) will probably garner in additional bookings, which will strain the Baleno’s already strained production line. If you look at it from the company’s perspective, the decision is a smart one. Maruti also stated that it will be concentrating their efforts on increasing production of their in-demand products, and get down their waiting period. The production of the Ignis, which was scheduled in the month of September, has been put off to the end of November, while the launch will happen sometime early next year. The crossover will directly rival the Mahindra KUV100.

Maruti Ignis Launch Delayed

– Maruti has postponed their Ignis’ launch to next year
– The company will be concentrating on meeting the demands of its existing products
– The Baleno and the Vitara Brezza already have 1 lakh outstanding bookings
– Production of the Ignis is now set to begin by end of November

Maruti Baleno RS 2
The expected launch of the Baleno RS, will put more pressure on the already packed production line

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