Maruti S-Assist Trademark
The trademark does not provide much information

Maruti Suzuki has filed a trademark application for ‘S-Assist’, a term which we think could be used for the brand’s future clutchless manual transmission.

Hyundai introduced the very first transmission option of that sort in July last year and called it the intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT).

Basically, using the iMT system, the driver would be able to change gears without having the need to operate the clutch pedal.

In Hyundai’s system, when the driver changes a gear, an intention sensor sends the signal to the transmission control unit which relays it to the hydraulic actuator through which a concentric slave cylinder controls the clutch movement.

This tech provides people the joy of changing gears while eliminating the need to work the clutch pedal, which could be tiring when 1 is stuck in city traffic. Cars like Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet and Seltos come with the iMT tech for now.

If Maruti does come with its own version of the clutchless manual transmission, and we think it is for that reason the Maruti S-Assist trademark has been filed, then it would mean Hyundai’s first-mover advantage will be gone in a jiffy.

It would be interesting to see if Maruti offers its S-Assist models along with its manual and AGS models or if 1 of them will give way for the new gearbox.

But, what the S-Assist tech will do for Maruti customers is provide them the option of having a pseudo-automatic experience at a lesser cost than opting for a fully automatic model.

Bear in mind all of this is speculation at the moment and only time will tell if Maruti will come up with its own clutchless manual transmission.

If this helps prolong the life of the manual gearbox, then so be it