The crash has left the front three-quarters of the S-Cross damaged beyond repair leaving the driver dead and raising concerns over the frequent crashes of compact SUVs around the launch period.

Maruti S-Cross Crash Details
An official statement regarding the crash is yet to come from Maruti Suzuki

It is most unfortunate to see road accidents and more so if the crash leaves its occupants dead. While safety is slowly but steadily being taken seriously in the country, there are still certain ground rules that need to be implemented more seriously not only by the government but the drivers as well. In this latest incident, the yet to be launched Maruti Suzuki S-Cross was involved in a high-speed crash that has apparently left its driver deceased.

From what we could find out, the Maruti S-Cross involved in the crash was a dealership test drive vehicle and the sales executive was said to be behind the wheel. The crash happened somewhere in North India. Details on its exact location or how the crash actually occurred aren’t available as yet. However, judging by the condition of the S-Cross, the vehicle seems to have rolled multiple times before coming to a standstill, flattening the roof. The car has received maximum impact on the left side. There were no signs of the airbags being deployed.

Incidentally, this is not the first compact SUV crash that has happened close to its launch. Previously, the Ford EcoSport had a massive crash around its launch period while the Hyundai Creta was the latest recipient of a similar accident. What we can’t seem to fathom is that each of these incidents being independent of each other. Could it just be a coincidence or is there some foul play involved by deliberately crashing them? There does seem to be some underlying connection.

The other possibility is that of customers pushing the compact SUVs to the limit. At the end of the day, even though compact, they are still SUVs and do come with its properties. In terms of safety, the Maruti S-Cross comes with dual front airbags as standard on all variants, save for the base trim which gets only a driver side airbag. This particular model was a higher spec version riding on alloy wheels that even gets ABS. The International spec S-Cross has also scored 5-stars at the ASEAN NCAP.

Maruti S-Cross Crash Damage
The S-Cross seems to have take multiple roles flattening the roof, no sign of the airbag deployed
Maruti S-Cross Crash India
The Ford EcoSport & Hyundai Creta also witnessed crashes around their respective launch period

Pictures Source – Team Fiat Moto Club on Facebook