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Maruti has tuned the Swift’s suspension to suit Indian roads well

The suspension of the Swift can take a lot of abuse and can tackle our roads (or no roads!) with ease but I’ve never been particularly fond of the low-speed ride on broken roads. It is a bit on the stiffer side and causes some vertical movement. However, at high speeds, the suspension does a good job in the keeping the car composed. The hatchback also offers a good driving experience and responds nicely to the driver’s inputs. The steering is also quite direct but some more feedback would have been really appreciated. The car does feel very fun to drive and has excellent body control. There were a couple of instances when I had to drive through slightly water-logged roads and a patch of no roads but thankfully the Swift handled it well and got me out of it.

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The petrol Swift is way more fun to drive

In these 17 months that we had the car, we didn’t face any major issues with it. We did get it serviced twice and this ensured that the car gave us a trouble-free experience. The Swift was liked by everyone in the team but I used to call dibs on it every time! The other day we got the Swift petrol MT when our diesel car went to another publication for a shoot. I drove the petrol and that was something else! No lag, free-revving engine and sprightly performance made it a fun drive from home to work and back.

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The Swift ticks all the right boxes for a modern hatchback

After spending all this time with the Swift, I now understand why majority of the buyers in the hatchback segment buy this. It’s a good car which doesn’t disappoint on most fronts. Looks? Check. Features? Check. Efficiency? Check. Reliable? Check. Can bling it up? Check, iCreate! Resale value? Double-check! These are the things that most buyers in India want and with the availability of the AMT with both engines, there’s something for every customer.

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Maruti has left no stone unturned by offering an AMT with both engines

What’s Cool

* Elegant styling coupled with compact dimensions
* Feature-loaded interior which scores high on practicality
* Frugal diesel engine with a strong mid-range

What’s Not So Cool

* Steering could have offered more feel
* Infotainment system is a bit glitchy

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All three generations of the Swift in one frame!

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