Earlier this year, Global NCAP carried out crash tests of some of the very popular cars available in the Indian market. The Maruti Alto 800, Ford Figo, Tata Nano, Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen Polo were tested and each one of them except the Polo and Figo did not clear the crash-test. The Polo and Figo cleared the test only because of their stronger body structures. Now, Global NCAP has tested the Indian-made Maruti Swift to check whether it complies with the required safety ratings or not. The Swift has received 5 star rating from Euro NCAP but the European model has much more safety equipment.

The authorities decided to test a Swift ZXi which is a top-end petrol variant with ABS and dual airbags as standard fitments. While the above hatchbacks were tested in their non-airbag versions, the Swift was tested with airbags since this is the same model that is sold in the Latin market. The result of this crash-test will come out in May and the Swift will most probably clear the test with flying colours. A video of the test shows that the Swift maintained its body structure well with even the front windshield not taking any beating.

After the poor results of the previous test, Volkswagen decided to make airbags standard in each of the Polo’s variants and we really applaud VW for making this move since safety always has to come first. While the Swift ZXi might clear out the crash-test, it is actually the LXi and VXi variants that sell to a greater extent in India. These variants are void of any safety features and also perform poorly when it comes to braking.

Global NCAP should also test the non-airbag versions of the Swift so that buyers can be made aware of the product that they are purchasing. Lets wait for the results of the Maruti Swift’s crash-test and hope that other manufacturers also get some ‘inspiration’ from Volkswagen and make airbags standard on their vehicles. It is also the Government’s duty to come up with stringent vehicle-safety norms since our road conditions are far worse than other countries.

Maruti Swift Gobal NCAP Crash Test