2014 Suzuki Swift DJE Front

The action at the Tokyo Motor Show has commenced with several Japanese automakers bringing up new products and concepts on display. Suzuki recently launched a new version of their popular hatchback the Swift in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). The new version is called the ‘Swift JDE’ with changes more prominent than its European sibling. The vehicle has been showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show.

With the new iteration, Suzuki has introduced Dual Jet Engine (DJE) technology on the Swift’s 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine. THE DJE system couples regenerative braking and an idling start-stop system to offer better fuel efficiency. This has helped the Swift achieve a fuel efficiency of 26.4 km/l for the Japanese driving cycle. The benefits come as the Swift gets several tax exemptions thanks to its higher efficiency. The DJE technology has its roots in F1, and it’s amazing to see such technologies coming to smaller hatchbacks.

Another significant addition to the Swift for JDM is the colour changing speedometer console that Suzuki has offered. The colour of the console changes depending on how you apply the throttle, which is very cool, and till now was something from the supercar league. In a way, this also alerts the driver on his driving methods and will encourage him/her to drive more efficiently. The Swift DJE also gets paddle shifters as standard. In terms of safety, ESP has been given as standard along with ABS. Other changes on the top model include a new bumper, new grille and addition of LED lights.

The Suzuki Swift DJE will be offered in seven variants namely G-DJE, XL-DJE, XG-DJE, XG, XL, Swift RS, XS. The car will be offered with 2WD and 4WD options and will be priced at 12,79,950 Yen (Rs. 7.54 lakhs) for the base model going up to 17,87,100 Yen (Rs. 10.54 lakhs) for the top end model. The DJE technology however will not be coming to India any time soon. The Swift twins are due for an update in 2014, and will receive subtle exterior revisions along with the addition of a start-stop system, keyless entry and LED lights.

2014 Suzuki Swift Interior

2014 Suzuki Swift DJE Rear

2014 Suzuki Swift DJE Tokyo Motor Show

2014 Suzuki Swift DJE Engine

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