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Maruti Suzuki has finally got a solution to the low-speed braking problems in the new Swift. Even after repeated complaints from customers, Maruti Suzuki did not acknowledge the problem initially and did not comment on any possibility of a recall. The company gave an acknowledgement through their Facebook page in late August, blaming the drivers for the problem. The company said that the new Swift is not designed to be driven with half–clutch in peak traffic or slow driving conditions and requested the customers to change their driving practices as a solution to this.

The customers had complained that the brakes don’t work at low speeds and in half-clutch condition. This problem has been reported persistently by many customers of the new Swift. Finally Maruti Suzuki has come up with a solution; they are calling the individual customers who are facing this problem for resolving it. The cause of this braking problem is the engine RPM falling below idle RPM range which in turn strains the engine when used in half-clutch. This results in improper vacuum generation to assist the brake booster which makes it hard for brake pedal to be pressed. For resolving this problem, some upgradation has been done to the ECU software which successfully solves the problem.

Although there is no official statement from Maruti Suzuki’s side about the modifications that are being done in the software, it has been anticipated that some of the parameters are incorrect which are causing the problem. The probable recall has not been announced by Maruti Suzuki to save itself from legal implications. Another excuse could be that the modifications in ECU requires a new certification from ARAI, which may complicate the matter for the company. So if you own the new Swift and have been facing brake related issues, it’s time to contact your nearest service station and ask them for the rectification. India’s largest carmaker has informed all the service stations about this fix.

Source – Cartoq