MMM Azani Front
The Azani is MMM’s halo product

The MMM Azani will be able to hit a claimed top speed of 350 km/hr

Mean Metal Motors (MMM) has released official images of the Azani electric supercar that will come with a claimed power output of more than 1000 HP.

Visually, the MMM Azani is pretty striking. It is low, wide and has a fighter jet-esque canopy and a double bubble roof.

Slim LED lights and high and curved fenders do provide it a proper supercar look and so do the air intakes upfront, clean rear deck and large alloy wheels.

While the brand has not revealed the size of the EV’s battery pack, it did say the Azani will be able to travel between 550 km and 700 km on a single charge.

MMM Azani Side
The EV will come with over a 1000 HP, says MMM

The electric supercar will be rapid as well, with a claimed 0-100 km/hr sprint time of under 2 seconds, and a top speed will be 350 km/hr (approx).

The first engineered prototype of the MMM Azani will come out in the second half of 2022, while the base price of the electric vehicle when it goes on sale later will be $120,000 (Rs. 89 lakhs).

According to the EV maker, the Azani will be built in micro-facilities, which are claimed to reduce the cost of production to less than one-fifth that of regular manufacturing methods.

MMM Azani
The auto firm works with technical partners from Germany, the UK and the USA

MMM believes that the novel production method will transform the way electric vehicles are produced in India.

Founded in 2012, MMM aims to produce India’s first high-performance electric supercar. Its founder and CEO Sarthak Paul states MMM also wants to create an ecosystem that helps increase electrification in India.