Mercedes G-Wagon Tour India

As a part of the global “Mercedes-Benz Driving Event” campaign, a caravan of 15 G-Wagons or better said, the G55s set out on a 16,800 km road trip. The road trip spanned for a whopping 38 days and was through the continents of Europe, Asia through Germany, Russia and Nepal and finally drawing its end at Kolkata. A group of auto enthusiasts of the age group ranging from 18 to 80 participated in this event. The 15 G Wagons set out to provide an ultimate experience in off-roading from Germany though Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, across the Ural Mountains in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Gobi Desert in China, Tibet all the way up to the Mount Everest Base camp, finally concluding the grand drive in India. The G-Wagon, in which the G stands for Geländewagen which literally means ‘cross country vehicle’ in German, is considered one of the best SUVs for off-roading.

“The G-Wagon is the pinnacle in automobile engineering when it comes to SUV’s. Riding across landscapes and hostile terrains, this drive has only reinforced the G-Wagon’s supremacy as a vehicle that offers the best capabilities in the highest terrains of the world,” Martin Breuninger, MD, Mercedes-Benz Off-road, said.