Mercedes_M_Class_ EURO_NCAP

The latest Euro NCAP test results are a testimony to the innovative safety systems of the M-Class that have been designed to match the reality of an accident in the standard crash test safety concept. Equipped as standard with six airbags, belt tighteners, belt force limiters and crash-responsive NECK-PRO headrests PRE-SAFE® passenger safety system, the SUV ensures its occupants an excellent standard of protection in the event of an accident.

The M-Class is the only SUV in the world to have the protective PRE-SAFE® passenger protection as standard. This system, which is unique in this segment, uses the driver’s braking and steering behavior to recognize critical situations. It can then activate preventive safety measures even before an accident occurs by undertaking the following ESP interventions:

  • Activate the reversible belt tighteners
  • Close the side windows and optional sliding-tilting sunroof
  • Alter the front passenger’s seating position (with optional seat memory)

In tests analyzing the effect of PRE-SAFE® components in the M-Class, there was a 40% proven reduction in forces to the neck and head with the key role played by the reversible belt tighteners which use electric motors. If an accident is prevented and a stable driving state is restored, the belts loosen again. While on the other hand, if an accident does occur, the M-Class safeguards the passengers with six airbags, pyrotechnic belt tighteners (for the front and outer rear seats) and belt force limiters (for the front and outer rear seats) that provide excellent passenger protection in combination with the robust passenger cell.

The internal criteria and tests used by Mercedes-Benz go far beyond this and are based on its own accident researches that have been carried out systematically since 1969. For an instance the M-Class roof drop test

“Euro NCAP” stands for the independent “European New Car Assessment Programme” organised by European transport ministries, car clubs and insurance associations. The Euro NCAP publishes tests that provide consumers with accurate information based on in-depth research about the safety performance of individual car models in frontal and side collisions. The standard tests (front impact with 40 % offset, side barrier and pillar impact) cover the most frequent types of accident but only cover a fraction of the potential kinds of accidents.

Besides the Euro NCAP, the new M-Class has been rewarded with excellent test results confirmed internationally by other well-known testing organizations : –

  • The M-Class has received the ‘best grade in the frontal and side impact’ ratings by the US traffic safety organization NHTSA
  • The American IIHS Institute (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) gave the M-Class the “Top Safety Pick” award as a result of its top marks for passenger protection in the frontal, side and rear impacts.

This highlights the fact that the new Mercedes-Benz M-Class is able to implement comfort, off-road abilities, driving dynamics and safety at the highest level even in an SUV.