2014 Mercedes S-Class Launch

While the world might not be in a good economic condition, the rich have little to worry. This can be seen in the success of luxury cars nowadays. Two luxury cars which have outperformed their manufacturer’s expectations in recent times are commanding a long waiting period. These two cars are none other than the latest iterations of the Land Rover Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Both cars push the very envelope of luxury and the parent company is doing its level best to churn out more units to satisfy demand.

Land Rover is setting up new facilities and launching more affordable alternatives like the Range Rover Sport (if you can call if affordable), which pulls people from the Range Rover to the Range Rover Sport. Mercedes-Benz on the other hand is hiking production by increasing shifts and also at times working on weekends. Mercedes-Benz has got a splendid response for the new S-Class. The sixth generation of the flagship Mercedes has received 30,000 orders globally while in India the company has sold out the 125 launch edition cars.

Now with all initially allocated units sold out, Mercedes is taking fresh orders for delivery post April. The next batch of cars will be locally assembled in India and will be offered in both petrol and diesel options. The petrol engine is the same 4.7-litre V8 unit which outputs 453 HP and 700 Nm. The diesel engined variant is called the S350 and produces 255 HP and 620 Nm from its V6 motor. We can expect Mercedes to price the diesel S-Class at around Rs. 1.35 crores. Currently the S-Class is being brought in via the CBU route and is priced at Rs. 1.57 crores (ex-showroom, Delhi).

2014 Mercedes S-Class Launch Steering

2014 Mercedes S-Class Launch Rear Profile