2014 Mercedes CLA

The latest car from the Mercedes-Benz stable is the CLA saloon. This car will debut at the Detroit Motor Show next month. The detailed images of this new compact sport sedan has been released by the company and as we can see, it is a very handsome car. The CLA is based on the A-Class front wheel drive platform and will share most of its parts and technology with it. It will share the same engines as well, with a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine producing 208 BHP and a 2.0-litre oil-burner producing 170 BHP. The CLA45 AMG will have a highly tuned version of the petrol 2.0-litre engine and will produce 350 BHP.

The car shown here is the normal CLA with the AMG styling kit. The CLA is a very aggressive looking car with a sporty front bumper with big air intakes, the floating diamond front grill and aggressive lines on the hood. In profile we see three distinct creases running down the side and a coupe-like swooping roof line. At the rear, the CLA gets CLS-inspired tail lamps, a sporty bumper and a subtle lip spoiler as well as twin-exhausts. The CLA looks fantastic especially with the AMG body kit and we can expect the normal version to be a toned down version of this car.

The interior of the CLA is pretty similar to the A-Class with SLS-AMG inspired circular AC vents and black interiors. The interiors are very sporty and luxurious with a multifunction screen on top of the centre console and sporty seats. This sharing of trim and parts will help keep the costs down of this compact saloon. Mercedes has developed a new 4MATIC 4-wheel drive system for their front wheel cars which will be available for the CLA45 AMG version initially. Then all other engine versions will get the 4-wheel drive as an option.

2014 Mercedes CLA dash

2014 Mercedes CLA interior

2014 Mercedes CLA Saloon

2014 Mercedes CLA rear