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Dashboard looks cool with the large AC vents and the giant screen

Interiors – Ingress and egress are easy in the Hector and if you think the layout of the dashboard is familiar, we don’t blame you. The centre of attraction is the large 10.4-inch vertically mounted infotainment screen nestled between the large AC vents. The placement of the screen, the vents and the buttons look similar to that in a lot of Volvos.

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The infotainment system has built-in apps and can also be controlled from a smartphone

The Hector’s infotainment system is like a big smartphone offering advanced connectivity features and voice control

The infotainment screen is the deal with this MG. This is one of the first ‘Connected’ cars to come to our market. MG offers Machine to Machine SIM which is 5G ready, gets over-the-air updates like your smartphones so you will get your apps updated when the updates come; an advanced voice assistant which cranks up when you say ‘Hello MG’; ‘E-Call’ feature that calls the emergency services in case of a serious accident, premium subscription to Gaana music streaming app and the i-SMART Next Gen mobile app that lets you know your vehicle setting and other things. This is truly unseen in cars of this segment and in the tech-savvy generation of today, we are confident MG has a USP.

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The vertical orientation allows more information to be displayed at a time

The infotainment screen is crisp and easy to respond. The graphics are neat and the lag is minimal. We tried a few connected features and they worked well. The large size and vertical orientation makes accessing the menus and viewing maps a breeze. MG has also paired the infotainment system with a premium Infinity sound system with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters.

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Rear seats are spacious and can easily seat 3 adults

Most of the physical buttons have been replaced by buttons on the large infotainment screen

The touch interface means most of the physical buttons are gone. This gives the dashboard a clean and minimalistic look. The quality is good but not exceptional. Some plastics are hard and tacky and better fit would’ve been welcome. These shortcomings are not deal breakers and the interiors do the job of delivering on that premium feel.

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The instrument cluster looks elegant and informative

Most of it is down to the details and the equipment on offer. We love the sharp design of the door handles and the AC vents on the extreme ends. The instrument cluster with anti-clockwise tachometer is unique. The steering is large but easy to grip and the sea of buttons is not really a bother once you figure out which does what.

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At 587-litres, the boot is humongous

The cabin has an airy feel to it and space is also very good

The equipment is generous. Powered front seats, reclining rear seats, panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, fast charging socket, ambient lightning are part of the kit on the top variant. The base variants do not skimp on the essentials. Space is humongous and all the five passengers are likely to be seated very comfortably. The power operated boot is impressively large at 587-litres. Well laid out, very well equipped and incredibly spacious, Hector’s cabin has enough to please.