BMW CE 04 Front, MINI electric bike

MINI electric bike launch under consideration, to take expertise from BMW

MINI might soon venture into the world of electric bikes. Amidst a wave of reinvention, including the recent launch of electric versions of its popular models, MINI’s leadership is considering expanding its product lineup to include electric two-wheelers.

Stefanie Wurst, MINI’s head, expressed her enthusiasm for electric bikes after enjoying a test ride on BMW’s CE 02 electric bike, a product of MINI’s parent company. Wurst sees potential in urban mobility and acknowledges BMW’s expertise in this area. She hinted at the possibility of leveraging the family connection to BMW Motorrad for future ventures into electric bikes.

Design boss Oliver Heilmer also weighed in on the idea, indicating that MINI’s design team has explored concepts to understand the feasibility of such a venture. While acknowledging that bikes are not their expertise, Heilmer emphasised the importance of maintaining MINI’s distinct aesthetic even in two-wheelers.

If MINI proceeds with electric bikes, they are likely to draw inspiration from BMW’s CE 02 model, known for its electric performance and urban practicality. The CE 02 boasts impressive acceleration and range, making it a viable alternative to traditional petrol-powered bikes.

Despite the potential synergy with BMW, MINI would aim to carve out its own niche in the electric bike market, possibly offering competitive pricing compared to its BMW counterpart.

While the idea of MINI electric bikes excites enthusiasts, it remains to be seen if and when such a project will come to life. For now, MINI continues to focus on expanding its electric vehicle lineup while keeping an eye on opportunities for further innovation and expansion into new markets.

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