Modified Hyundai Accent Front
Many, many modifications have been done on the Accent

The Hyundai Accent is not a car known for its power or handling. It certainly is not going to go down in the history books as one of the greats. But one modified Hyundai Accent, at least stands out.

Let me get one thing straight out of the box, any modification done on a car is up to the individual’s tastes. Others may like it or loathe it, but it does not matter either way.

We happened to stumble upon a modified Hyundai Accent while going through some classifieds and simply could not let it pass.

The description states that the car has been “fully modified” with a sunroof, stylish bumper, “sports fyring and sports steading”, 5 new tyres, a new battery with an upgraded music system.

The 2000 model year car registered in Maharashtra that has been put up for sale by its third owner has a lot done to it. Allow me to explain.

The front gets an extended splitter with vents, a lot of them. There are “intercooler” pipes that run into the side of the front bumper while the grille has been completely changed. Headlights are projector units.

Going over an Indian speed hump might be an affair done best with your eyes closed with so much body work upfront.

Do not mind opening the bonnet to look at the engine as there is a see-through engine cover, through which a performance air filter can be spotted.

A few other changes can also be spotted and yes, there are bonnet vents too, eight of them, in fact.

The side of the car looks the same, except for the change in paint colour from blue to dark blue to black.

The rear has a wing, lights from a Honda Accord and what looks like exhaust outlets integrated into the rear bumper.

Inside, you can see a Momo steering wheel, three separate gauges on the A-pillar, an LCD screen and an upgraded music system.

The seats have been changed, with bucket seats taking their place in the front, the driver gets a four-point harness with a new gear knob. Oh! there is a sunroof too.

The fact that the kilometres driven is stated as zero in the ad brings one too many questions to mind.

If at all you are interested to buy the car, be ready to pay Rs. 2.29 lakhs, since that is what the owner wants for it.

Modified Hyundai Accent

  • Comes with a see-through engine bay, vents on the bonnet and a big splitter
  • Interior has been revamped with a sunroof, audio and video system
  • Asking price for the car is Rs. 2.29 lakhs
Modified Hyundai Accent Interior
There is a Momo steering wheel with a flat bottom
Modified Hyundai Accent Features
Engine bay is see-through and there are performance mods done as well
Modified Hyundai Accent Back
Accord tail lights, a wing and vents are all present at the rear

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