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Big Daddy Customs is a Delhi based aftermarket design company. They have recently taken a Tata Safari and converted into what they call Moon Rover. The Tata Safari gets styling influence from the Range Rover Evoque. The front looks quite good with the sharp Evoque design. LED lights have been incorporated very well and when viewed head on, its difficult to identify the donar car to be a Safari. The side profile will obviously give it away, that the car in contention is the Safari. The alloy wheels used are typically seen on a Safari and the foot steps loosk quite wacky.

However the rear could have been much much better. The tail lights could have been like the Evoque and the rear bumper looks quite cheaply designed. The quad exhausts clearly look fake. Its quite difficult to understand why the front and rear don’t tally. The company has done a fantastic job at the front but the rear could have benefited with the same attention to detail. The interiors have been give a complete maroon treatment along with silver inserts at places. Maroon doesn’t really suit the Safari’s interiors but again the Big Daddy Customs is limited by what the customer wants.

Big Daddy Customs offers complete modification services and recently did scissor doors for the Hyundai i20 (picture at the end of this post). Their unique modifications are called Signature styling, which start at Rs. 99,000/- It takes around 12-14 weeks to churn out one modification.

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Hyundai i20 Scissor Doors