Mukesh Ambani’s newest purchase is a BMW 760Li armoured version and the Mumbai RTO has received 20 percent of the registration cost amounting to Rs. 1.6 crores.

BMW 7 Series Security Edition Front
The 7-Series fully armoured version costs a whopping Rs. 8 crores in India

When you are Mukesh Ambani, anything that you do will be big or outlandish (for the common folks) and is going to get you attention in the best possible way. With his latest purchase, Mr. Ambani has once again made headlines for a new reason altogether. After receiving death threats over mail, the business tycoon has opted for a fully armoured BMW 7-Series 760Li that has pushed him back (not really!) by a healthy Rs. 8 crores and the Mumbai Regional Transport Office (RTO) has received 20 percent of the registration cost that amounts to Rs. 1.60 crores, the highest it has ever collected.

While the regular BMW 7-Series flagship luxury sedan costs around Rs. 1.9 crores (on-road), the fully armoured version has the cost escalated due to the alterations made to the vehicle. The sedan is totally bullet-proof with the requirements for class VR7 ballistic protection. It also complies with the requirements for class VR9 ballistic protection. With no visible changes to the armoured version on the outside, the 7-Series gets armour plates made out of ballistic steel fitted on the body work as second skin.

In terms of power, the BMW 760Li uses a 6.0-litre V12 engine that belts out 544 HP of power and 750 Nm of torque, paired to a 8-speed automatic transmission. The saloon is capable of doing the 0-100 km/hr sprint in 6.2 seconds and despite the massive weight increase, the car is capable of hitting a top speed of 210 km/hr. The armoured 7-Series also gets run-flat tyres that can travel up to 80 km/hr, in case of an attack.

BMW produces the specially designed armoured 7-Series at its facility in Germany and when imported into the country, it attracts an import cost of 300 percent over the vehicle cost. Hence, the registration cost has been so huge. In addition to the new armoured 7-Series, Mr. Ambani has also been provided with Z-category security which comes with an armed commando squad, the bills of which are reimbursed by him to the government.

BMW 7 Series Security Edition Fully Armoured
The flagship saloon’s security edition is also used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi