Mumbai HC suggests one-car-per-family rule to tackle traffic issues in Mumbai, and promotes inland water transport.

Mumbai Traffic
There are lots of traffic jams in the city everyday

To tackle traffic issues in Mumbai, the Bombay High Court has said the state government should consider measures like restricting the numbers of cars per family and promote inland water transport. A division bench headed by Justice V.M. Kanade directed stakeholders to come up with an alternative policy on traffic issues. The court was hearing a public interest litigation on shortage of designated parking spaces in the city.

These days many families have at least two cars. Unauthorised parking due to lack of parking spaces is a very serious problem in Mumbai and is the cause of traffic congestion, a large number of vehicles travel on the road at the very same time, but they have no space for parking their vehicles through the day. The government cannot sit on the problem anymore.

Times have changed and so has the rush on the roads. Promotion of inland water transport was need just at this time. Inland water transport will not solve all the problems, but can act as complementary mode of transport which will ease out the stress on city roads and help people to commute rapidly from one place to other.

One-Car-Per-Family Rule

– One-car-per-family is the new rule proposed by the Bombay High Court
– Promotion of inland water transport is being done by the state government
– The government thinks these measures will ease out traffic issues

Mumbai Traffic Jam
It has become a pain travelling on the highways of Mumbai