In a very positive move, the Mumbai police has got a fleet of 100 brand new Maruti Ertiga cars and one car will be allocated to each area.

Mumbai Police Maruti Ertiga
The Mumbai Police has got 100 units of the Maruti Ertiga LXi

We have always seen the Mumbai police force travelling around in old Maruti Gypsys, rusted Mahindra Boleros and rattling Toyota Qualis’. Ever compared these to the exotics that the cops in other countries drive? Ever felt that even our police force deserves better cars? Well, the most recent development suggests that our force has got themselves a set of brand new Maruti Ertiga vehicles for women safety.

As evident from the pictures (we spotted the cars on the Mumbai-Pune expressway recently), the vehicles have been stickered with the Mumbai Police livery and they also have a siren with blue lights on the top. The vehicles have also been fitted with luggage nets inside. The vehicles are the facelifted version and all of them are of the LXi trim. There is a high possibility that these could be converted to CNG too. More than 100 such cars have been added to the force and every area of the city will get one car.

The rear bumper of every car suggests the area for which the car has been allocated. For example, there is one car for Kandivali, one for Vashi, one for Colaba, etc. It is unclear whether the government is planning to add even more cars to the fleet or not. The current lot of the Boleros and Qualis cars are seriously outdated and most of them don’t even have working ACs which makes it quite difficult for the cops to travel around, especially with the heat and pollution in the city.

The Maruti Ertiga LXi is powered by a 1.4-litre K-Series engine that is known for a mix of performance and efficiency. We really hope the government adds even more such modern vehicles in its fleet which is going to be beneficial for the police as well as the tax-paying citizens.

Maruti Ertiga Facelift Police
The vehicles have Mumbai Police stickers, siren with blue lights and luggage nets
Mumbai Police Car Fleet
All of them are the Ertiga facelifted model
Maruti Ertiga Mumbai Police
The Ertiga comes with a 1.4-litre K-Series petrol engine
Mumbai Police Cars
The Ertigas are far better than the old Gypsys and Qualis’ in the fleet
Mumbai Police Gets Ertiga
Every major area of the city will get one vehicle, written on the bumper
Mumbai Police Gets New Ertiga
There is a possibility that these could be converted to CNG