MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga Revealed
The Superveloce Testalarga gets a signature paint job

MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga revealed in full, accelerates from 0 to 200 km/hr in 9 seconds

With the gorgeous MV Augusta Superveloce already available in 4 variants, the Italian manufacturer is set to launch another special edition of the sport bike, Superveloce Testalarga, which has now been revealed in full after a series of teasers released in the last 10 days.

The new Testalarga is being produced to commemorate MV Augusta’s historic race wins in 1973 with its ace rider Giacomo Agostini abroad the brand’s race machine at that time with the same name.

MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga Revealed Rear
The chiseled tank is the highlight at the side

The production of the new Superveloce Testalarga will be limited to just 1 unit making it one-of-a-kind launch.

The term ‘Testalarga’ in Italian means Testa – head and larga – large. It refers to the oversized bores of the brand’s 3-cylinder engines those days. Other than the cosmetic upgrades, the Superveloce Testalarga retains everything from the regular Superveloce 800 launched a couple of years back.

MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga Revealed Top
The tail light is in tandem with the exhaust

The new sport motorcycle gets a special livery inspired by MV Agusta’s signature red and silver paint job that makes it standout from the other 4 variants of the Superveloce.

In addition to that, Testalarga also sports some revisions done to the headlight and lower fairing helping in better heat management.

MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga Revealed Front
The headlight has been slightly revised

Powered by the same 798 cc inline 3-cylinder engine from the Superveloce platform which, again, is derived from the F3 800 super sport, the upcoming Superveloce Testalarga should produce 147 HP.

The sport triple will also get MV Agusta’s range of electronic rider aids and premium suspension and braking components from Marzocchi and Brembo.

MV Augusta Superveloce Testalarga Revealed Tyre
The twin-exhaust setup looks classy

In the teasers, MV Augusta claims the Superveloce Testalarga could accelerate from 0-100 km/hr in 3.4 seconds and 0-200 km/hr in 9 seconds which seems pretty impressive for a middle-weight machine. While top speed is not disclosed yet, it could very well be in the ballpark of the regular Superveloce.