Pune Nanoli Speedway Racetrack
Layout of the race course that is set to come up near Pune

India is going to get one more racetrack called the Nanoli Speedway near Pune. The race course has received approval from the international motorsport governing body, the FIA and Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI).

Set to be located on the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra and located close to Mumbai-Pune expressway, the circuit, in its longest form is 2.928 km long with 12 turns.

There are three other configurations to the course as well. A “Speed Circuit” that is 2.788 km long with 14 turns, East Circuit (1.463 km and 8 turns) and a West Circuit (1.425 km and 7 turns). All of them are clockwise courses.

The track has been designed by UK-based sports venue architects Driven International along with inputs from India’s former F1 racing driver Karun Chandhok. Driven International is also currently overseeing Coimbatore’s Kari Motor Speedway’s upgrades.

A mix of asphalt and grass run-off areas will be present on the track which will host track days and racing events for the members of Nanoli Country Club. Even a simulated lap has been done around it using a Jaguar F-Type which did a lap in 1 min 21.6 seconds at an average speed of 123 km/hr.

The usual pit building with VIP lounge, paddock and car garage will be present along with a museum. Also, the layout is said to have been optimised for vehicle testing. Although it is FIA Grade 3 approved, an FIA licence would only be secured once the track is complete and assessed.

Further, the F3-spec Nanoli Speedway racetrack owners plan to build an off-road centre next to the main facility that will feature terrains designed to trouble capable 4x4s. It is also said that the promoters of the facility want it ready by 2021 end.

India already has three major tracks at present. The aforementioned Kari Motor Speedway, the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Tamil Nadu and the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in Uttar Pradesh.

It is the BIC that has held three F1 grand prix events so far, but is now used to host only local championships. There’s also a new FIA Grade 3 track that is being developed in Andhra Pradesh, about 130 km from Bengaluru airport.

Nanoli Speedway Racetrack

  • New racetrack is set to come up near Pune
  • Named Nanoli Speedway, the track is nealy 3 km-long
  • Designed with inputs from racing driver Karun Chandhok
Pune Nanoli Speedway
This is how one of the stands will look like
Karun Chantok Nanoli Speedway Tweet
Karun’s tweet about the upcoming racetrack