Just as the Bajaj Qute and its tussle with the Global NCAP was slowly settling down, we have an interesting bit of news to follow it up, and surprise you as well!

Bajaj Qute Turkey Launch
The Bajaj Qute was called as the ‘Vehicle of the future’ by NCAP

The Bajaj Qute, as even the laymen know, is the Indian manufacturer’s answer to the 3-wheeler replacement. It was launched amidst a lot of buzz around it, as we were looking at one of the most viable options on petrol and diesel free transport for the first time. But then arrived the issue with its safety, with the Global New Car Assessment Programme, or Global NCAP, giving it a 1-star rating in a crash test. This obviously didn’t go down too well with people at Bajaj.

However, in what one may call a sudden turn of events, the Global NCAP, along with the Institute of Road Traffic Education as well as the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, had specifically invited Bajaj Auto CEO, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, to the conference. What’s even better is that they specially want him to give a presentation regarding the ‘vision, conceptualisation and future of the quadricycle.’ Well, didn’t we say you’d be surprised?

Now surely the Global NCAP has hit the headlines for the umpteenth time, more so with the 0-star rating of recent crash testing of many made in India cars. Bajaj too, hasn’t missed an opportunity to have a go at NCAP, and it has even ridiculed the vehicle safety rating system on many occasions.

Well whether the Qute is a safe vehicle or not, or whether Bajaj should be asked to speak about quadricycles at a safety conference, it seems the entire issue right from the beginning has been blown completely out of proportion. It would be much more constructive had the two parties stopped taking a dig at one another, and instead focussed more on helping one another in doing what is right.

Global NCAP Invites Bajaj To Speak At Safety Conference

– Mr. Rajiv Bajaj was invited by NCAP to give a presentation on quadricycles
– Global NCAP had previously gave a 1-star rating to the Bajaj Qute in a crash test
– NCAP has even gone on to term the Qute as the ‘Vehicle of the Future.’

NCAP Letter To Bajaj
The letter from Global NCAP inviting Mr. Rajiv Bajaj to the conference
Rajiv Bajaj Letter
Rajiv Bajaj’s response in an email statement