Volkswagen will soon be launching the Beetle in India. It has recently imported one unit of the hatchback to India for homologation.

Red Volkswagen Beetle
The Beetle is finally coming back to India

Recently, Volkswagen voiced its plans to discontinue some of the models from its global lineup. Two-door cars were the prime target for being axed because of the low demand. Also, discontinuation of these models would mean that the German giant would save close to Rs. 1350 crores. However, much to the rejoice of Beetle lovers in India, the company disclosed its plans of re-launching the car in India by the second half of 2015. Since the car will be imported via the CBU route, volumes is not something expected from this vehicle.

The Beetle has been extremely popular the world over ever since it was introduced. The cute looks and the low sticker price in the early years made it an instantaneous hit and it was nicknamed ‘The People’s Car’. Over the years, the car retained the original shape but kept getting more and more creature comforts and the price kept rising. The current Beetle sold internationally is the third generation model introduced globally in 2013. It has grown in size and looks more mature now which is something the purists haven’t really approved of. But, it has made the bug a little more practical due to the additional space.

Recently, Volkswagen has imported one unit of the Beetle into India for homologation purposes indicating that the launch is not too far away now. The imported vehicle comes with a 1.4-litre TSI unit and we expect the same to be launched here. The same engine is used in the Jetta and the Octavia too and it remains to be seen what state of tune the engine is offered in the hatchback. With much better equipment levels, the car makes a compelling case for itself. However, at an expected price of around Rs. 30 lakhs, it will still be rich man’s toy in the nation.

Interiors have improved by leaps and bound over the previous generation Beetle

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