Honda Electric Motorcycle Patent 1
The Honda electric motorcycle takes inspiration from the CB125R

New Honda patents suggest that they are working on an electric motorcycle. The motorcycle will probably be a beginner offering at an affordable price tag.

The images of the patent show a neo-classic design like the Honda CB125R, and even the chassis parts are similar. The only prime difference seems to be the electric motor instead of the mechanical one.

As the patents show a complete motorcycle, it can mean that Honda has already finished the motorcycle and has kept it hidden in their R&D department.

Some images also throw light on the heart of the electric offering as well. The electric motor in the images looks petite. It will probably be similar in size to the 125cc engine because the Honda electric motorcycle’s frame, suspension, and the braking system look virtually unchanged from the CB125R.

Obviously, there will be some alterations to accommodate an electric motor and batteries in place of the engine. But the electric motorcycle looks familiar to the petrol-powered bike overall.

The performance specs remain hidden, though. However, one should not expect a significant bump in performance over the CB125R. Why? Because the chassis and other bits in Honda’s electric motorcycle come from the CB125R and are designed to work within a set of power and torque figures.

Hence, if the performance sees a significant bump, the components might malfunction. We think this is a clever move by Honda to save R&D costs by using components which are already in production.

Lastly, while we might not see the Honda electric motorcycle here in India, it will be interesting to see how Honda prices it abroad, especially considering that they’re trying to cut down the R&D costs.

Honda Electric Motorcycle

  • New patents filed by Honda show that a new electric motorcycle might be in the works
  • The photos suggest that the bike takes inspiration from the CB125R, likely to be a beginner offering as well
  • We expect similar power figures as the mechanical components come from the CB125R and are designed to work within a set of power and torque figures
Honda Electric Motorcycle Patent 2
The electric motor looks pretty compact
Honda CB125R
This is the Honda CB125R for reference