The Nissan Micra is not the hottest looking hatchback on Indian roads, actually it is far from being the hottest. However the Japanese automaker showcased the Compact Sport Concept at the recent 2011 Shanghai Auto Show and believe you me, it looks the part. But then you can never discount the most boring of cars to turn hot, when you know the person associated with such modifications is none other than Nissan’s tuning arm, NISMO.


The Nissan Sport Concept, as you might have guessed by now is based on the Micra and the beauty here is indeed skin deep. With a 1.6 liter turbocharged motor breathing underneath the hood, this hatchback produces all of 188 bhp and is mated to a CVT gearbox. With three doors and plenty of gadgets on the dashboard, the Nissan Sport Concept is one vehicle which shouldn’t remain a Concept.